Whether you're a seasoned CrossFitter training for the Open or you've challenged yourself to take on CrossFit for the first time, at WIT we offer you the definitive training collection. See our guide below to choosing the best CrossFit shorts for whatever your budget and style.

What are CrossFit shorts and why are they different to regular shorts?

CrossFit shorts are specially designed to be lightweight, breathable fabrics that can also withstand the demands of the CrossFit style of training. Barbells,Kettlebells and Dumbbells are a few pieces of equipment CrossFit shorts must be resilient to. Whilst Gymnastics movements, Plyometrics, full depth squats, running and mobility work are an example of the range of movement you need to be able to perform in them. Along with anything else the sport of CrossFit throws their way and if anyone remembers “Chaos” from the 2018 games, then they need to be ready for anything!!!

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The different types of shorts that exist in the CrossFit world.

Lucky for us today, many different types of shorts exist today in terms of:

  • Fit
  • Length
  • Material
  • Functionality
  • Price
  • Brand
  • Aesthetics

What to look for in a pair of CrossFit shorts.

Fit and length is the first thing to consider when buying a pair of CrossFit shorts. 

For Men; This would be the length of the inseam. Whether you like them to sit longer and around the end of the quadricep or sit higher in the middle of the thigh.

For women; you would first look at the shorts being high rise (meaning they sit high and around the waist or belly button) or low rise (meaning they sit around your hips). 

Then to look at the length, if the shorts are “booty short” length, meaning the hem sits just under the glute max. Or having the shorts having a longer inseam sitting just about the top of the quadricep. You can also find shorts that are a “bicycle” length, meaning the seam sits just above the knee/bottom of the quadricep. 

What are the Best CrossFit Shorts?

We give you our edit of the best CrossFit shorts for both men and women below. 

 Mens CrossFit shorts training with barbell

Source: WIT Fitness
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Best Mens Shorts for CrossFit.

WIT Lightweight Woven Short - These Mens CrossFit shorts are just as described; these are a lightweight woven material, but super strong and “barbell ready”. Their inseam is 20cm so a slightly longer short. These shorts have a custom logo drawstring mesh inner waistband. They have an invisible zip pocket to stash keys, cards and or money securely. 

The WIT logo is a reflective print. These shorts come in many colours including black, grey and aegir. 

Under Armour Stretch Woven Shorts - These Under Armour CrossFit shorts are 18cm inseam shorts. They have a shaped hem to enhance movement during workouts. They are a lightweight fabric that delivers superior comfort and durability. These shorts are a tighter fit around the thighs, also known as “slim line”. Athlete James Newbury can be seen sporting the Under Armour shorts range.

NoBull Heather Knit Shorts - These 7” inseam shorts are a high stretch, antimicrobial, sweat wicking material. These are a “slim fit” short with 2 zip pockets on the sides for safe stashing of keys, money and cards. Their waist band is elasticated with a draw cord for adjustable fastening. These are great CrossFit WOD shorts due to their slim leg cut and sweat wicking material. 

Nike Pro Flex Rep 2.0 - These shorts have a few different features, including a hybrid waistband which is thin in the front and thick around the back. The material is not only lightweight and flexible, but has Nike’s Dri-FIT technology to wick sweat away during sweaty workouts.They also have added ventilation in the back of the shorts to allow cool air in simultaneously. Athlete Mat Fraser can be seen wearing Nike’s Dri-FIT technology shorts.

Reebok Speed Shorts - These lightweight stretch material shorts have a side hem slit for increased range of movement. These are a regular to looser fit around the thighs, meaning they will fit those who find it hard to find shorts that “fit their things”. Athletes such as Bronisław Olenkowicz can be found in the Reebok short. These can also double as Reebok CrossFit board shorts for those days you end up in the pool perhaps doing “Swim ‘n’ Stuff”!!!

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Best shorts for CrossFit for women.

NoBull Short 2” - These are a CrossFit Booty Short style cut with a low rise hip. Tight fitting and made from NoBull’s plush heather material which comprises 86% Nylon and 14% Lycra. This material is fast wicking and antimicrobial. Perfect WOD shorts for those sweaty chippers!!

WIT High Rise Shorts - These High Rise shorts are great workout shorts for CrossFit. The material is a premium super light, super strong sweat wicking fabric. They have a 4 inch inseam and boast a large reflective logo on the back. The WIT Editions are all brilliant premium Crossfit clothing, follow the link to check out the rest of the range. 

Nike One 7” Shorts - These Nike CrossFit shorts are a longer length with a highrise waistband. The inseam is 7 inches which is great if you need a little extra length for your barbell cleans. They also have a pocket in the back for your phone, keys etc if you end up on a run in them. 

Reebok Workout Ready Myokint Shorts - Myoknit is Reebok’s lightweight ‘flyknit’ style fabric that is super durable and sweat wicking. These Reebok CrossFit shorts women have a 7” inseam making them a longer length and a low-rise waist for those who prefer a low sitting waistband. If these aren't quite what you're looking for but want a different Reebok style shorts, buy Reebok CrossFit shorts uk here.

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In short, What am I looking for when shopping for CrossFit gym shorts?

You’re looking for a pair of shorts that will be able to handle the requirements CrossFit throws their way. 

You should be able to move freely in them (something with a good to high stretch material).

The fit is important whether you like a longer inseam or a shorter inseam. A higher rise waistband or a lower rise waistband.


For all your CrossFit clothes and kit, head to for the definitive training collection. 

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