The Sara Sigmundsdottir Collection Coming to WIT Summer 2021



At just 27 years of age, Sara Sigmundsdottir is not just an enduring figure in CrossFit, but now transcends the sport to resonate with sports fans, the fitness obsessed, and athletes around the globe. Be part of the journey as Sara collaborates with WIT’s design team - creating a full activewear collection engineered to keep up with the toughest demands of training, and designed make strong women everywhere feel elegant, powerful, and beautiful as they chase being their best. 

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4 x CrossFit Games Athlete, 2019 3rd Fittest Woman on Earth

Five times CrossFit Games athlete and 2019’s 3rd fittest woman on Earth, Jamie Simmonds is a true world class icon in the sport of fitness. With multiple podium finishes at Sanctional events, and a 1st place finish in the open in 2016, Jamie’s journey to the top is nothing short of breathtaking. After only starting CrossFit in 2013, Jamie has embarked on a relentless pursuit to the top of the sport. There is no doubt that if Jamie wants something, she will put in the work, and go out and get it.



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Jeffrey Adler

CrossFit Athlete, 5th Fittest Man on Earth

Canada's fittest man, Jeffrey Adler finished 5th at the 2020 CrossFit Games, an admirable result to mark only his second appearance at the annual pinnacle event. With no formal sports or conditioning background, he has made steady and impressive progress in his 5 years of CrossFit training and competing.His ability to win events as well as keep his calm under pressure when things are out of his control, are qualities that have worked well for Jeffrey under the bright lights. His consistent and quick progress challenging even the most experienced competitors means all eyes are on him this season. 

"Earn It"

Joshua Al Chamaa

Joshua Al Chamaa

CrossFit Athlete

Joshua first walked through the doors of WIT's London training hub WIT House LDN in 2018 where he spent weeks persuading Head of Training Gus that he would be a great candidate for a coaching role...his persistence paid off and since that day he has grown and developed greatly both as an Athlete and WIT employee. Joshua began taking steps towards an elite career in the sanctional season of 2019-2020, representing WIT in 5 continents across 8 total sanctionals. He was also responsible for curating #TEAMWIT for the 2020 Wodapalooza competition where they went on to claim a Team Games ticket. His most recent accomplishment is placing 28th in the world wide Open and 8th in the European Quarterfinals. 

Paige Powers

CrossFit Athlete

At just 18, Paige Powers has achieved a competitive Crossfit CV impressive for even the most accomplished athletes, despite only starting CrossFit in 2017. Her gymnastic background and tenacious attitude made for a fierce recipe that saw her take 3rd place in the 2018 and 2019 Games in the 14-15 and 16-17 divisions respectively. In 2020, she competed at SID, the Mayhem Classic and ranked 3rd in the world in the 16-17 division of the CrossFit Open. Paige's transition into the adult category this season is going to be a very exciting one to watch. Stay tuned.

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone"

Emma Lawson

CrossFit Athlete

One of CrossFit’s rising stars, 16 year old Canadian Emma Lawson made her presence known at the 2019 CrossFit Games where she finished in third place in the 14-15 year old Teen’s category. Since then her rise has continued and so far in the 2021 season her performances have been nothing short of phenomenal. Emma has secured her ticket to Madison by finishing 2nd in the AGOQ in the 16-17 year Teen’s category,  but more impressively, she finished in 24th place in the North America Adult Elites Quarter Final, which means that she will be competing at the Semi Final’s for the CrossFit Games in June. Emma is the youngest competitor to qualify for the Semi Finals in the world. A natural athlete, who first entered a CrossFit box at age 7 and began participating in a kids CrossFit program then. Emma also trained dance and track and field. It was in 2018 where Emma decided to shift her athletic focus solely to CrossFit and decided to pursue becoming a competitor in the sport. A year later she was on the podium at the CrossFit Games in her category. 

Kristof Horvath

5 times Fittest Man in Hungary, Kristof has been obsessed with chasing down PR's since discovering Crossfit in 2013. Having grown up in a sporty family and having an active childhood with his younger siblings, sport was inevitably more than just a passion and Kristof is also an accomplished Coach. A National Champion for five consecutive years, he is now living in Mallorca training hard at C23 Crossfit with the goal of redeeming his place at the Games among the fittest of earth after a brutal 2020 season saw his road to the Games cut short. This year Kristof is ready for the show. 

"In the words of Mike Tyson - Discipline is doing what you hate, but you do it like you love it."


CrossFit Games Athlete

Kelly Friel is a 3 x Regional Athlete & 4 x CrossFit Games Master athlete athlete who fits in training around everyday normal life. She is also a mum, coach and business owner.

Kelly started my CrossFit journey in October 2012……..not really knowing much about it, but from the day she stepped foot into Crossfit Southampton she never looked back. The following year (2013) Kelly managed to land myself a place at Regionals. 

In 2018 Kelly qualified for the Games as a master, as well as qualifying for regionals in Berlin, where she placed 18th overall as an individual athlete. Kelly is currently one of the most successful master athletes in the UK bringing home silver medals in 2018 and 2019 from the Crossfit Games.

Alongside CrossFit, Kelly has also competed in the European Masters weightlifting and still currently holds the World & European record in the Clean & Jerk (104kg)  as-well as the Totals (176kg) for age 40-44.

Northampton Saints

Premiership Rugby Team

WIT is proud to be the Official Training Partner of Premiership Rugby Team, The Northampton Saints. Every sport on the planet has training at its core. Legendary moments in any sport are the summation of an athlete's countless hours spent outside of play, putting in the hard work hours after hour. We are proud to sponsor the hard work that goes on in the pre-season.

Louise Hawkins

Personal trainer, nutrition coach, mother and athlete, Lou's attitude and drive to support and inspire others is astounding, but it hasn't always been this way. It wasn't until a few years ago when Lou found exercise a valuable tool to calm anxiety and build confidence. Her goal now is to inspire as many people, adaptive or not, to become everything they can be. She's motivated by wanting to show adaptive athletes how special their bodies are and unearth exactly what they’re capable of.

“No such word as 'can’t', do what you can with what you have"


Personal Trainer

A personal trainer, online coach and Founder of Club V, Talilla helps individuals all over the world to become the healthiest, happiest and strongest versions of themselves.Specialising in HIIT and strength training, Talilla celebrates the incredible things that our bodies can do rather than how they look. Focusing on a holistic and functional fitness programme, Talilla embodies many elements of sustainable health to maximise your performance. This year she launched the ultimate home functional fitness programme, Club V.

"Focus on celebrating what your body can DO."

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Team GB Ski Cross Racer

A 21 year old Team GB Ski Cross Racer is Team WIT’s youngest athlete. Alannah started skiing when she was 7 years old and grew up racing Alpine on a dry slope. She found a passion for skiing immediately and joined a local racing club as a child, impressively being selected for Team GB when she was just 14.Fast forward almost a decade and she has raced internationally in the Alpine disciplines before more recently transitioning to Ski Cross. Her ultimate goal is to make the next Olympics. 

 “The body achieves what the mind believes.”

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British Weightlifting athlete and coach

British Weightlifting athlete and coach Jenny is two-time British Record holder in the 53kg weight category and has represented GBR twice, only just missing out on a gold medal in her first international competition. Having experienced some tough personal battles in her teenage years, she turned her life around at University when she found weightlifting and in doing so, became passionate about inspiring young athletes to learn from her hardships and find confidence and strength through sport.Jenny now coaches and is completing a Master’s degree, alongside training as a full-time athlete

 “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul”

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Hazel Wallace

Dr Hazel Wallace, founder of The Food Medic, is an NHS medical doctor,
registered nutritionist (ANutR), best-selling author and WIT’s resident women’s health advocate.  She started ‘The Food Medic’ blog in 2012, as a medical student, in a bid to
bridge the gap between conventional medical advice and the latest thoughts
and developments in nutrition and other areas of lifestyle. The blog has now
extended to various other platforms and publications including social media,
two books, The Food Medic and The Food Medic for life, and a podcast where
she interviews leading experts on how we can live healthier lives. Dr.Hazel is
also a qualified personal trainer and is passionate in the use of exercise as
medicine, which was the topic of her TEDX talk.
Hazel is currently working as a COVID doctor during this pandemic, treating
patients acutely unwell with COVID and seeing patients in follow-up clinic
with Post COVID syndrome. 
Whenever she can make it, you’ll find her training at WIT’s training hub looking right at home with a barbell!