Terms and Conditions Faulty Items

Items purchased form WIT Fitness may be returned for a refund if the item(s) is found to be faulty by WIT Fitness' quality assurance team. Please note that a "faulty" product is a product that has a manufacturing default or has in some way deviated from factory specification. 

If you wish to make a faulty item claim, please contact our Customer Care representatives at info@wit-fitness.com. Please use your order number and the word "faulty" as the subject to your email. You may attach images in your email to aid our Customer Care representatives when conducting the initial assessment. Please be advised that the customer care team will deem an item faulty at their own discretion after taking all relevant factors into account.   

Should you wish to read more information about the warranty that, in some cases, is provided by Theragun and HyperIce, please see the below links where applicable. 

Theragun Warranty information

HyperIce Warranty Information

WIT Fitness reserves the right to deny that an item is faulty and, in such a case, not replace the item or provide compensation to the customer. Each faulty item claim will be assessed on a case-to-case basis. In this way, the outcome of one customer's faulty item claim in no way affects the outcome of another customer's faulty item claim. 

Whether or not an item is declared faulty is based on, but is in no way limited to, the below factors: 

  • The individual using the product
  • The conditions in which the product is used
  • The visible wear patterns that are characteristic of the individual using the product
  • The reasonable lifespan of the product (among other factors, wholly determined at WIT Fitness' discretion)
  • The frequency of the product's use
  • Whether or not the product was used for its intended usage or purpose
  • Whether or not the usage of the product is confirmed as negligent
  • Whether or not the product has been modified
  • Whether or not the product fits correctly

Please note that products that have exceeded their reasonable lifespan, which is based on product model or style, materials used in construction, their intended use and the discretion of WIT Fitness' quality assurance team, will not be declared as faulty. Similarly, products which show wear and tear considered, at the discretion of WIT Fitness' quality assurance team, normal for the product's intend use and age will not be declared as faulty.